I think you're very lucky to have found a girl like me - just 18 years old but already hopelessly addicted to smoking! I adore everything about smoking, from buying a new pack, to sliding a fresh cigarette out and placing it between my lips so I can light it up and inhale all the sweet creamy white smoke inside me. Not only do I love smoking, but I also have a 100% genuine smoking fetish! So every time I light up my pussy gets all hot & moist as I take drag after drag, practicing my open mouth inhales, smoke rings, snap inhales, and french inhales. If you're looking for the perfect smoking fetish girlfriend, you've come to the right place...

1). When did you start smoking?
I started smoking when I was 16. One of my friends at school had started and thought it looked really sexy. She noticed me watching her and asked if I wanted to try. I inhaled right from my first drag and never really got ill from it, so two years on and I love smoking more than ever!

2). What are your favourite cigarette brands?
I usually smoke Berkeley menthol 100's but I do like a change every now and then. Sometimes I buy Mores or Silk Cut Slims but as a real treat I went over to America to buy some Virginia Slims and Capri 120's which I love more than any other brand.

3). How much do you smoke?
I smoke at least 20 a day, a lot more if I'm out with my friends. I smoke a lot when I'm working (I work from home) so on a work day if I go out in the evening as well I've been known to get through 2 packs a day!

4). When did you realise you had a smoking fetish?
I dont really know, I've always loved watching other girls smoke and then I met someone who liked it too. I love sucking his cock and taking a deep drag and blowing it over his cock or in his face ;)

5). What turns you on about smoking?
Everything, I love sharing my smoke with men and women! I like to take really a deep drag (or two!), then blow it into someone else's mouth. When they've inhaled it I like them to blow it back at me, into my mouth or in my face! I also love watching people smoking in the dark, I know it sounds funny but it makes the smoke look so creamy and white. I think for me its all about the lips, theres nothing more sexy than a cute girl with red glossy lips & smoke drifting from them!

6). What are your favourite smoking techniques?
I love drifting, I think its so sexy. It took me a while to learn all of the tricks but my girlfriends taught me, so now I love to blow smoke rings and French inhale. I’m working on my snap inhales as I want them to be perfect.

7). Does watching other people smoke turn you on?
Yes I love watching other people as long as they know how to smoke in a sexy way. But I prefer sharing a cigarette or a cigar (and of course lots of smoke) with someone else ;)

8). Would you ever quit smoking?
No, I never want to quit and I dont think I could. I'm totally addicted and I love every drag of every cigarette lol.

9). What do you think about the British ban on smoking in public?
I'm not very impressed by it at all to be honest, but it won't stop me. I think I may end up getting in lots of trouble and having to flirt with some policemen lol.

10). What's your dirtiest smoking fetish fantasy?
Hmmm thats a hard one as I have lots, but I think my dirtiest one would be sitting at a bar smoking with my small holder and noticing a man watching me. I'd start smoking really slowly, letting the smoke linger on my lips before inhaling, and then blowing my smoke in his direction 'til he comes over to me. He would tell me that he's a member of my website and that he noticed me through the window of the bar and had to come in. I would start to tease him by lighting another cigarette and playing with the buttons of my top as the smoke drifts over my lips and towards him. When I notice him getting hard through his jeans I decide to stop teasing him and take him upstairs to the toilets and have some fun with him..... I will tell you more later lol


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